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Podcast Episode #1 

What is Adapt you?

You NEED to Change

Do you want to change something in your life?  This question is intentionally rhetorical as everyone at some level wants to change something, but hasn't been able to.... and for some change is needed in a massive need.  From this short podcast you will learn what the Adapt You movement is all about.... change!  If you desire the change necessary to be a better you, join the Adapt You movement and listen.  

Podcast Episode #2 

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Keep Jabbing

Life WILL knock you down, unless you are conditioned for the fight

Join us for an in depth interview with undefeated professional boxer LaVonte Early!  His journey and evolution into the person he is today has truly been and internal fight that he's won through an insane dedication to mindset and being the best version of himself.  Learn of the struggles and lessons that shaped this young boxing stud and why many young athletes turn to him for his wisdom.

Podcast Episode #3 

A run in the rain

Intentionally engaging in challenge that can break you will make you

Meet Eddie Pinero, YouTube motivational sensation, athlete, musician, Tedx speaker, and straight up stud who's videos have over 28 million views.  Eddie is the pure example of what it means to stay true to your dreams, chase your passion and make it become a reality.  Listen to how Eddie left the post collegiate corporate gig that most would die for to chase his artistic dreams and how that difficult choice has created the most amazing life.

Podcast Episode #4 

Athlete to addict and back

Pressure can make diamonds but it can also bust pipes

Meet former major league baseball pitcher Matt Petersen who throws some serious heat at our show!  Learn from a former pro-athlete, and past over critical perfectionist, on the importance of balance in your life, how seeking perfection lead to an intense battle with drug addiction, and how knowing who your are is the greatest knowledge one can obtain.  Listen as Matt goes DEEP on how his over pursuit of "perfection" lead him down a dark path. 

Podcast Episode #5

Iron cowboy james

50 Ironman 50 States 50 Days

Multiple Guinness World Record holder James "The Iron Cowboy" Lawrence needs no introduction.  Here the story of James incredible journey, including the incomparable 50/50/50 triathlon.  James has redefined human mental and physical potential on what is truly possible an what we are capable of.  He is no different than you and I... and shares what it really takes to redefine your limits. 

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